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Palestine, TX: A Small Town Oasis

Palestine is the perfect getaway from Texas’ buzzing cities. Swap skyscrapers for rolling hills, skylines for silky sunsets, and traffic horns for chirping birds. Palestine offers locals and visitors alike a plethora of natural beauty. That’s how it’s lured so many new residents away from the cities– drawing them in with the sweet, quaint lifestyle that comes with living in a smaller town. 

To get specific, Palestine’s current population sits just underneath 18,000. That makes for a growing community, but still keeps that enjoyable small town feel.

Top Reasons to Visit Palestine

When it’s time for a drive, take the detour through Palestine. You’ll enjoy the green landscape and cruising through the Piney Woods. In fact, these Piney Woods hold an intriguing history. 

Because Palestine was home to Texas’ first railroad, the community of Palestine was basically built around the railroad station. Nowadays, the old Texas State Railroad Palestine Depot has been reconstructed in its honor. To glorify times past, the Railroad Depot actually still invites passengers onto the properly-preserved 1920s train cars. 

Passengers can enjoy drinks, meals, and unforgettable views as they roll along the East Texas countryside. Enjoy a timeless train ride with the whole family. 

Not to mention, Palestine is especially known for its Davey Dogwood Park. Trails wind in and out of this park, giving hikers a beautiful backdrop to explore. And in the springtime the dogwood trees bloom– filling Palestine with a heavenly floral aroma. 

Palestine is the perfect small town getaway. Whether you’re a resident that’s lived here for years, or you’re a traveler passing through– there is always something fun to do while out on the town in Palestine. 

Speaking of getting out on the town– if you’re a local business owner here in Palestine, is it time to revive your marketing signage? Remember that customers need to have multiple “touchpoints” with businesses before they decide to buy from them. That’s where beautiful, glowing signage can keep your company top of mind. 

Palestine Sign Company: Expert Marketing for Local Businesses

Gone are the days of wondering how to get your brand in front of  the right customers. Palestine Sign Company makes it reality.

With our plethora of design, printing, and sign installation services– we’re proud to be Palestine’s leading signage shop. Whatever marketing materials you need, our team will be ready to help. Palestine Sign Company works with a group of talented designers. Whether you need smaller items in bulk, like business cards; or you’re looking for a glowing new road sign to broadcast your business– we’re here to make your vision a reality.

Our Clients Are Our Priority

As our client, we’ll treat you like family. It’s our job to make sure that we provide you with signs and marketing materials that you love. No matter your style or preference, we promise to deliver beautiful signs that will showcase your amazing company. 

It’s an honor to support our community of Palestine, Texas. We’ve enjoyed working with clients from all industries– from real estate agents, to store owners, commercial vehicles, landscaping shops, hotels, and more– Palestine Sign Company has become Palestine’s go-to signage shop.

Is It Time For a New Sign?

Palestine Sign Company: Your All-In-One Signage Shop

Let Palestine Sign Company take care of all your printing and signage needs. Our team will help your brand presence grow locally, right here in Palestine, Texas. And as your presence grows, so will your customer base. 

Trust us when we say that it’s essential to have a memorable brand for your customers. Displaying attractive signage is the first step. Are you ready to learn more about our graphic design, printing, and installation services? Our team would love to hear from you!